THE BIAS LIST meets IDOL CAST: For Your Listening Pleasure!

I said I’d never do a podcast. I’ve turned down offers before, not out of some sense of inflated importance but because the very thought of it gave me anxiety. I’m much more comfortable behind the keyboard. But, it’s important to stretch outside your comfort zone, right?

Well, Filmigirl from Idol Cast (a personal fave of mine) finally lured me out with the promise of a fun chat about J-pop and Johnny’s – two topics rarely discussed in English-language media.

So, if you’re interested in hearing our thoughts regarding the differences between K-pop and J-pop, the appeal of Johnny’s Entertainment, and the general awesomeness of pop music, take a listen. And when you’re done, make sure to subscribe to her podcast and listen from the beginning. She does a great overview of the history of J-pop and K-pop on her first few episodes.

Plus, we each selected five tracks to discuss in detail. If you’ve been a longtime Bias List reader, you’re likely to recognize most of mine!