Perfect POP: Lauv & Troye Sivan – i’m so tired… (M+ike Remix)

I’ve been on the fence with Lauv, unsure of his true potential but his latest single, which includes powerhouse POP superstar Troye Sivan, has me completely floored.

“i’m so tired…” is one of the first songs of 2019 that I’m undeniably obsessed with. The hook rings familiar, it’s too good and easy on the ears, but I can’t quite pin the recognizable melody, whatever it is, it’s voodoo.

Clocking in at 2:43, this single is keeping in trend with shorter POP songs which may be commentary on the current cultural landscape of POP music in general but I’m here for it. So what if it’s bridge-less, we’re eating well here with a formula that has never been more compact and more efficient.

What could be the cherry on top of this fucking cake? Like what could make this blessing of a collaboration that much better? The marketing? Hell yes. The fact that they released two official audio YouTube videos, one for each artist, is bloody brilliant! It’s the little things, yeah?

Watch both cuts of the official audio clips on YouTube and check out this spicy bootleg mix by M+ike because the drop is actually worth it.